Statistics About Teens and the Internet

90% percent of youth who experience unwanted solicitations are aged 13 and older (Online Victimization of Youth, Five Years Later, 2006)   In other words: teens are a predator's target market. 

20% of teens have engaged in cyberbullying behaviors, including posting mean or hurtful information or embarrassing pictures, spreading rumors, publicizing private communications, sending anonymous e-mails or cyberpranking someone. (Harris Interactive-McAfee 10/2008)  Being online is a privilege, not a right. Be a responsible netizen. 

52% of teens have given out personal information online to someone they don't know offline including personal photos and/or physical descriptions of themselves (24 percent). Double the number of teen girls have shared photos or physical descriptions of themselves online as boys. (34 percent girls vs. 15 percent boys) (Harris Interactive-McAfee 10/2008)  Don't make a predator's job easier by sharing personal info and pics with strangers.

The risks to children, particularly teenagers, in cyberspace include exposure to unwanted exposure to sexual material (1 in 3 youth) and harassment -- threatening or other offensive behavior directed at them (1 in 11 youth). (Online Victimization of Youth: Five Years Later, 2006)  It's a wild world out there. Be informed so you can stay safe.

1/3 of young people have been involved in some type of naked sexting.  There are serious consequences to both sending and receiving sexual images of minors.

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