You think it's just between you and your BF or GF and the two of you are going to be hot and heavy forever. So sending that nude pic is fine. But...what if things don't last forever? 

That's what happened to Jessica Logan.   Toward the end of her senior year, Jessica sent a nude from the neck down photo of herself to her boyfriend, Ryan Salyers. Not long after, the two broke up and Ryan allegedly showed the photo to several other students who in turn forwarded it widely around the school. 

Jessica reported the incident to school authorities. The school referred her to the school resource officer told her he could ask students to delete the image but couldn't prosecute, because at 18 she wasn't a minor. 

When students discovered that Jessica had reported them to school authorities, her life got even worse. She was called  a “whore,” “slut” and “skank.” She received harassing phone calls and texts. She started skipping school and almost didn't graduate. 

Not long after the graduation ceremony, at which she was pelted with objects by fellow students, Jessica hanged herself in her room. 

Think it couldn't happen to you? Think again. 

Some Statistics about Sexting from a 2009 MTV/AP Research Study for A  THIN

3 in 10 young people report having been involved in some type of naked sexting

1 in 10 has shared a naked image of themselves

Females are slightly more likely to have shared a naked photo or video of themselves (13%) than males (9%)

Those who have shared a naked photo or video mostly report that they initially sent the photo to a significant other or romantic interest. However, 29% of those who have sent sexts report sending them to people they only know online and have never met in person. 24% sent sexts to people they wanted to date or hook up with.

61% of those who have sent a naked photo or video of themselves have been pressured by someone else to do so at least once


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